Monday, July 5, 2010

The Mad Greek Restaurant in Lawrence, Kansas 66044: A Review

The Mad Greek Restaurant

907 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence Kansas 66044

The Mad Greek Restaurant is a family owned and operated establishment. It has served delicious Greek and Italian food to Lawrence residents since 1988. This family owned restaurant offers great food and friendly service in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. Outdoor seating is available and credit cards are accepted.

Food Offerings. The menu represents a judicious sampling of both classic Italian dishes and the Greek food it is so well known for. Appetizers are tasty and are large enough to serve as a lunch. The Greek Combo and the Tour of Italy offer samplings of Greek and Italian dishes and are my favorites. An extremely popular appetizer is their Flaming Cheese; a visual feast when they set it afire at your table, and a taste sensation on your plate. Entrée’s are filling and tasty. On the Italian side, I am a fan of their Shrimp Fettuccine and the Italian Combo; I’ve enjoyed the Chicken Parmegiana a great deal, also. Among the Greek offerings, I recommend the Gyros Sandwich or dinner, the Souvlaki Dinner, the Mad Greek Combo and the Salmon Plaki. The portions are generous and I have shared an entrée with friends on occasion. Overall, the food is quite good.

Alcohol is available and a very good selection of beer, wine and cocktails are served.

Service. The service is sometimes typical of that found in restaurants serving college towns; the wait staff is usually comprised of students. They are not always experienced but they are well-intentioned, and there will be the occasional waiter or waitress that transcends their peers and exhibits considerable charm and interest. The closest I come to a genuine complaint about their service is that sometimes your meal follows too soon after the appetizer, and I prefer to finish an appetizer before my entrée arrives. The Mad Greek wait staff is as cordial and reliable as any group of college students, and my experiences have been positive.

Ambiance. The Mad Greek is a bustling restaurant that is often filled to capacity. The walls are adorned with artwork reminiscent of Greece. Wine bottles line shelves surrounding the tables. The atmosphere might try too hard to remind one of Greek culture, but frankly I like it a lot. Candles at your table are lit after you’re seated. I am always comfortable and at ease in this restaurant and I have entertained friends, relatives and clients here to good results. Attire is casual but one wouldn’t feel out-of-place in a sport coat or dress.

Price. The price is quite reasonable, given the size of the portions. Most dinner items are $9.95-$12.95, which is standard and in keeping with other restaurants in Lawrence. Appetizers are $4.95-$6.95.

Final thoughts. The Mad Greek is one of my favorite restaurants in Lawrence, and I would happily recommend it to anyone. The food is outstanding, the ambiance and service is good, and the prices are reasonable. I enjoy eating here a great deal.

Note: This article should not be construed as an endorsement or promotion for this restaurant. The author has no affiliation with the Mad Greek Restaurant. The author has received no compensation or recognition in return for his opinion.

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