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The Cafe Des Amis in Parkville, Missouri 64152: A Review

Café Des Amis:  A Review

Café Des Amis

112 ½ Main St.  Parkville MO  64152
(816) 587-6767

Just a few miles north of Kansas City Missouri in Platte County rests the small town of Parkville.  This quaint city is known for its historic downtown, lined with art galleries and small antique shops.  Parkville is also noteworthy for a small French bistro named the Café Des Amis.  The outstanding food, attentive service and casual atmosphere make this the perfect choice for a romantic evening or social gathering with friends and family.  
Wooden stairs lead to this second floor restaurant overlooking downtown Parkville.  At the top of the steps sits their outdoor seating area, protected from the evening sun with shade from the large trees surrounding the building.  The restaurant’s interior is divided into several smaller rooms that provides an intimate atmosphere for couples or allows larger parties to dine without distracting other guests.  White tablecloths and candles add to this charming atmosphere.

Food Offerings.  The menu is delightful.  Appetizers include frog legs, escargot, and pate.  The Prince Edwards island mussels are particularly enjoyable.  There is a pleasant subtlety to their appetizers—the tastes are never overwhelming.  The portions are appropriate for an appetizer, as well—large enough to enjoy and share, but not so much you are full when your meal arrives.
The dinner menu boasts a variety of tastes with beef, elk, quail, duck and rack of lamb among the choices.  The duck and quail in particular are outstanding and should not be missed.  They are expertly prepared and quite memorable.  It was difficult to keep from glancing toward nearby tables to see what other guests were eating.  Watching the staff serve rack of lamb to diners at a nearby table made me want to come back and try it for myself. 
Café Des Amis boasts a fully-stocked bar featuring French wine, beer and mixed drinks.  On this occasion we elected to forego dessert in favor of an after-dinner drink, and the cognac did not disappoint. 

Service.  The service is as worthy of praise as the cuisine.  The wait staff is knowledgeable, friendly and attentive.  They manage to maintain that difficult balance of being personable while maintaining their professionalism.  From ensuring your water glass is filled to offering assistance in the selection of an appropriate wine, the staff is professional and willing to help.

Ambiance.  This quaint restaurant on the second floor of a downtown building is comfortable and charming.  Casual elegance would be an apt description as the Café Des Amis accomplishes the difficult balancing act of allowing guests to feel comfortable whether attired formally or casually. Natural light shines in through the windows, and the outdoor seating offers a delightful view of Parkville at night.  The restaurant looks as if it might have been an apartment at one time with the kitchen, bar and two dining areas separated by walls.  (The single bathroom for both men and women also suggests the place had once been someone’s home.)

Price.  Prices were between $8-$12 for appetizers and $20-$35 for entrees.  I felt the prices were reasonable and in keeping with the quality of food and service offered.

Final Thoughts.  The Café Des Amis is a wonderful restaurant for couples or groups, but it is not a place children would be apt to enjoy.  Food choices and quality are designed with adults in mind, and it is clearly not intended for small children.  Reservations are recommended but we arrived approximately one half hour early and asked if we could be seated.  This was not a problem for them and we were escorted to our table immediately.  Major credit cards are accepted.

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